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Live Chat
Live Chat

If you are located in the USA, you are welcome to complete this form. Please contact a Univar Solutions office closest to your area if you are located in Canada, Mexico, Europe or Asia.

We are sorry we missed you! Our Chat representatives are available Monday to Friday 8-5 EST and are closed to observe major US Holidays.

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Technical Support
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Technical support

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An integral part of our customer approach

At Univar Solutions, we understand having the products you need are one piece of the equation to supporting your business effectively. That's why we've invested heavily in technical staff well versed in chemicals selection, formulation and market end use.

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We have the market expertise to understand your business and help you take advantage of growth opportunities. Whether you're looking for assistance evaluating product specifications or need to troubleshoot product quality, our team is here to help.

And help we can — by helping improve your profitability, ease of use, and product quality. Partner with Univar Solutions and our technical services professionals on your next project to heighten your efforts.

From concept to commercialization, we have you covered

Univar Solutions has the chemicals-focused support and resources to help raise the bar on your products and processes. We staff our technical services teams with recognized leaders in their chosen markets and regions, with each team member having more than 10 years of experience as a bench chemist in your market.

Our technical services professionals can work side by side with your engineers to help you identify value, create opportunities, or solve production-related issues. Ask your Univar Solutions representative for support on your next project.

  • Collaboration on new products and applications
  • Formulation performance enhancements
  • Formulation guidance and techniques
  • Product quality troubleshooting
  • Solvent blends and reformulation
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